David was born into a missionary family in Vietnam and raised knowing the deep importance of spreading the Gospel. He helped his father, Garth Hunt, witness in many countries throughout his childhood.

David on Water Buffalo

A challenge that Garth and David faced, one that missionaries still face today, is that few institutions typically offer materials for the purpose of spreading the Gospel. It is difficult to find high quality and economically effective materials for outreach ministry, especially in multiple languages.

For 50 years David has partnered with his father to share the Good News around the globe. They truly were engaged in in entrepreneurial evangelism. They created organizations together, including WorldServe Ministries. After spending years shouldering the struggle of missionaries around the world who did not have access to evangelistic material that was attractive but uncompromising, David was inspired to create the Most Important Story.

David at Boat Rail

Together they continue to supply Scriptural materials, chief of which is The Most Important Story, now available in 118 languages with over 92 million copies distributed.  The Most Important Story (MIS) is known for its straight-forward presentation of the Gospel, with 50% scripture in the text. It is a simple and tangible form of the Gospel concluding with an invitation and prayer of Salvation. It is treasured and shared again and again.

Wanting to make this invitation available to everyone around the world, David made it his goal to have the MIS translated in over 100 languages, and today it is available in 125 versions of language and art.

The MIS has been utilized over the last 20 years by many large ministries, including Samaritan’s Purse, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Operation Mobilization, and countless ministries, denominations, and churches, and distributed widely throughout many countries including Vietnam and Cuba.

When he first set out, David had no plan to create a publishing company. He simply followed his inspiration, and now his work reverberates throughout the world.

He has lived in awe of the impact it has brought to lives over the past 30 years, bringing thousands upon ten of thousands of people from all over the world to Christ.

David is convinced that the MIS should be the outreach tool of choice for churches, missions groups and organizations around the world. Shouldn’t we give everyone a chance to receive the greatest gift of all?