The MIS Book can be used in multiple settings as your key outreach tool.


Give away to visitors for VBS, Christmas events , Easter services, Halloween, children’s choir programs, puppet shows, Harvest Festival, or first-timers to Sunday School.

In addition to English and Spanish, we have 95 additional languages for those churches with other languages groups in their community. Click HERE to learn more (goes to MIS – International Product page


Each team member can pack 25 to 50 MIS books in the language of the host nation.

We have 95 languages available HERE.

We also have the modern day family story available either as artwork of a multi-ethnic family or a black family to best match your visiting country.

Local Outreach

Fabulous Fun Friday – On Campus Outreach
This is an evening event, ideally on a Friday (so no concerns about school the next day). It can be for any age group, but works well for the 4th & 5th graders who aren’t quite ready for a full blown youth group, but looking for something to separate them from the “kids.”

Kids are divided evenly into teams and they compete in games based on indoor/outdoor/space opportunities. Each game is worth points and each team is trying to get the most points at the end of the evening.

About half way through the evening, either a snack time or pizza dinner time. This gets the kids in an indoor space and they are occupied for about 10 minutes max. During that time, introduce the MIS Book, show them the book and tell them that they will get one at the end of the night.

At end of night, the team with most points wins perhaps a candy bar and then each kid is given the book to take home.

Short Term Mission Team

The Jesus Party – Short Term Mission Team Outreach
The MIS book was originally created in response to the demand for an attractive, Bible-based resource that easily explains Jesus’ plan of salvation and path to redemption to kids (and even adults).

The first group to use this resource were local Vietnamese Christians laboring under Communist rule. What they developed as a ‘Jesus Party’ methodology that has since proven to be effective in any culture at any time.

The team arrives at a park, in a town, site of a short term construction project, or other place where there will be kids. The team spreads the word that in an hour they’re going to have a Jesus party, and everyone is invited and they should go get their friends.

When the group arrives, the team leads the group in games, singing, and (if possible) handing out a treat such as candy. Then, the MIS booklet is given to each child and a worker teams up to read the book one-on-one or in a small group of kids. This is the important step – it’s the relationship building that’s important and, in some contexts, literacy cannot be assumed.

If possible, the team tells the kids you will do it again tomorrow or in a few hours or later tonight. Tell them to come back, but they need to bring a different friend or maybe even their parents. Then, repeat it all again, offering this simple outreach as many times as you can. Mobilize the kids to tell others – don’t assume they won’t.

With this simple outreach, the original teams in Vietnam planted over 700 churches. God has said his word will not return without accomplishing what He intends! The same will be true for your work!

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