UPDATE 4/28/22

Sharing the hope of the Gospel with the children of Ukraine

We thank God for His wonderful provision of 125,000 copies of The Most Important Story (MIS) in Ukrainian.  They have been situated in three cities in Poland – Warsaw, Lublin, and Lodz.

We have all seen the horrifying images from Ukraine and the suffering is unimaginable.  The world has scrambled to respond and help, as have the churches in Ukraine and Poland.  In the early days and weeks, everyone’s focus was on the humanitarian needs but now churches are requesting Gospels to help them especially reach the children as they report great openness to the Gospel.

How we thank God that our partners in ministry have provided for The Most Important Story to be available at just the right time.

30 churches in Poland have received copies to distribute along with their humanitarian relief and one evangelistic team is distributing 5,000 copies.  Another, 7,500 copies have been taken into the Ukraine and are being distributed by churches there.  One network of 80 churches in Ukraine is distributing the booklets and for the next 12 weeks, trucks loaded with food and medicines, will be going deep inside Ukraine each week.  They are also being distributed in 4 shelters in Lviv and 5 shelters in Lublin.

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