The Most Important Story — Prayer & Action Team

We are a team of ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God!

We want to both pray AND take action, the two prongs to any move of God.

The task of evangelizing children is often overlooked with the other pressing needs of the church at large. We are grateful you join us in reaching children for Jesus – the children in our own neighborhood and the children around the world!


We NEVER sell names.


  • We praise God for the completion of the MIS app in Spanish for both the Apple and Google platforms.
  • We thank God that everywhere we turn we hear of more families and churches using the apps and being blessed by them.
  • We thank God that work is now underway on Arabic that will reach 25 nations.
  • Pray for Arabic and Farsi, the next two MIS apps to be completed.
  • Pray for Jeff and the developers who are hard at work completing the apps and getting word out.
  • Pray for Karen and Kate who every day share news of the apps around the US and the world.
  • Pray for those who have never heard the Gospel that they will find the apps and that their hearts will be open.
  • Pray for continued funding as the apps are provided free of charge and we continue to have requests to complete more languages.

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