Sharing the hope of the Gospel with the children of Ukraine

We thank God for His wonderful provision of 125,000 copies of The Most Important Story (MIS) in Ukrainian.  They have been situated in three cities in Poland – Warsaw, Lublin, and Lodz. 

All copies have been freely shared with well over 100 churches in Poland and across Ukraine and have been widely distributed to Ukrainian children and families.  As well, ministries such as Christians for Ukraine are sharing them along with humanitarian supplies.  They have launched Lifebox which provides a family with a box of food for one week, along with a copy of the MIS.

Word of Life has been sending in one truck of goods each week along with the MIS.  The MIS has also been shared in shelters in Lviv and Lublin and refugee centers in Warsaw.  Mission Eurasia has received 10,000 copies and they are being included in their relief efforts across Ukraine.

Despite conditions being very difficult and complex, the hope of the Gospel is reaching tens of thousands of families. It is so important that the children learn of their heavenly Father and His love.  Please pray for the distribution of The Most Important Story, both for those sharing them and especially for the children and families receiving them.  May the Lord minister to their hearts and bring them hope and comfort during this dark hour.