“The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is the Hand That Rules The World!”

When poet W.R. Wallace penned this, we doubt that he had evangelism in mind.

But evangelism is what we immediately think of. Probably you’re the same.

  • We all read the studies which show that 80% of people come to Christ before age 19 and that kids aged 4 to 14 are the primary years of a decision to follow Christ.
  • And we all read that Jesus said that no one is greater in the Kingdom of God than a little child (Matthew 18:4).
  • And we all know that kids don’t have decades of secular baggage to overcome when presented with the gospel.

Yet, we, as the body of Christ, don’t really prioritize reaching kids.

Join with us. Pray for the kids in your circle of influence. Pray for the kids in your church.  Pray for opportunities to reach out.

The most strategic opportunity we have for the gospel just might be under four feet tall!