Pastor Julio Jaime

“My name is Julio Jaime. I am the Senior Pastor of Family of Faith, located in Hialeah, Florida. We bought 100 copies of The Most Important Story evangelistic books in Spanish from your company. We went in June as a Church to give these one hundred books to a small church in Barranquilla, Colombia. We also gave the kids bags fill with tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, pencils, crayons and other material that the kids needed.

It was such a blessing to see the kids’ faces when they received the books and the other things. We want to thank you for giving our church the special price for the books. As you can see in the pictures that I am sending you, it was a blessing for the kids and their families to receive the Gospel through these wonderful books!

May God bless you and The Most Important Story!”—Pastor Julio Jaime